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"We have just received our SLA models and they are fantastic, thank you very much for the great service" - Miles Allen - Caparo


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Roll the dice in your favour! Use rapid prototyping for your project development.


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Welcome to Martello - now a member of the Schneider group!

Schneider Prototyping (UK) Ltd now have their own web site - please visit www.schneider-prototyping.co.uk

Martello have been providing high quality SLA/SLS rapid prototype parts together with superior quality polyurethane vacuum castings for over 15 years. We have developed our own uniquely formulated polyurethane resin systems which are used to make production parts such as Primayer's Eureka 2 and the StarFish and we have a fully qualified team of engineering experts which can bring your product designs to fruition using cost effective methods of production.

If you're looking for accurate sla or sls models in the right material at the right price, low volume runs of parts quality prototypes, or annual production runs of parts we can help. Go here for more information on our full range of prototyping and low volume production services.

"The standard of the work has been excellent and we will definitely be using Martello again because of the quality, service, attention to detail and finishing of the parts which we have received." - Clive Nicholls - Owen Mumford

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Rapid prototyping actually speeds up the development time of your project by troubleshooting problems at an early stage, sometimes often before even the prototypes are built.

Rapid prototyping helps prove out the integrity of your CAD data as well as the design itself prior to going to injection moulding. You gain peace of mind and confidence in your product before going into production tooling and eliminate the risk of having to spend thousands of pounds on correcting the tooling at a later date when the design has gone into production.

You can build small production batches for use in focus groups or introduce them to selected customers for market trials and gain valuable feedback from your market place. Rapid prototype parts can be built in materials, which simulate the intended production material so you can test the mechanical and aesthetic qualities of the design and make vital decisions about how the final product will look, feel and work for your customers.

Even better, rapid prototypes are not the expensive things they used to be. Machines and materials have become more efficient enabling accurate models to be produced in a matter of days for relatively small cost.


Rapid Prototyping Blog

Instant Online SLA Quote

"Thank you so much for the painted SLA's, they look superb; please thank Martin and the team on my behalf." - Martin Skinner

Martello offer a range of prototyping services:

Thin-Rim® Low Volume Production of plastic parts

Vacuum casting of prototype parts

Rapid Prototyping: SLA or SLS Rapid Prototypes

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Martello operate both vacuum casting and RIM machines to produce low volume prototype plastic piece parts. These services complement our Thin-Rim™ process, particularly for small quantities of plastic prototype parts. More...

Martello Limited have developed a unique production system called Thin-Rim® which produces high quality, coloured plastic piece parts in low volumes more economically than traditional vacuum casting technology. More...



For CNC machining the preferred data format is .igs. For rapid prototyping, .stl files are required; however, Martello can create .stl files from supplied .igs files or 2D drawing files such as .dxf or .dwg. We can also undertake repair work on .stl files. Other formats accepted are STEP, Parasolids .x_t and ACIS .sat files. Please specify finish, colour and quantities required. Email us at:info@schneider-prototyping.co.uk or register and upload your files for a quote. You can download a free .stl viewer here.





Martello can produce prototype parts in plastics or aluminium using their 4 axis high speed machining centre. The CNC machine is also used to produce accurate patterns for the ThinRim® low volume production service. More...


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